Converting HLS playlists from movie-web

Instructional post explaining the process of converting HLS playlists from movie-web to a video file (.mp4)

Published on 2/6/2024

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is a widely used for delivering media content over the internet. On movie-web, most providers use this to stream your requested content. But downloading is not as easy as pressing "Download" and having a .mp4 file in your downloads folder, this post should instruct you on how to do that.

  • Internet access

  • The HLS playlist's URL

  • vsd downloaded and extracted

Converting the HLS playlist

Open your terminal and navigate to the folder vsd is extracted in. (There should be an executable!) And run the following command:

$ .\vsd save "playlist-url-here"

Note: If it says it can't find "vsd", try adding ".exe" after "vsd" in the command.

You might get the option to select a quality, of course, select the highest one.

You should now have a new file in the directory, it might have the wrong file extension, just rename it to a .mp4!